Ipswich Commercial Cleaning

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning: There is no greater joy to a property owner than finding a diverse cleaning company. It is cost-effective and also saves you on time and effort required in supervising work. TCM Clean is your go-to cleaning company for all your corporate or domestic needs.

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning: After Building Cleaning

Construction of a new building, renovations, and repairs can result in a significant amount of debris, making the revamped or new structure look untidy. At TCM Clean, we provide comprehensive Ipswich Commercial cleaning services that are legally compliant and safe to help ensure your building is clean and ready for use.

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning: High-Pressure Cleaning

It can be challenging to clean exterior spaces, including car-parks, walkways, concrete and wooden walls. Dirt has accumulated on those surfaces for some time and cannot be removed using low-pressure water and scrubbing.

We possess the knowledge, technique, and use products to help us clean such surfaces using methods such as blasting, high-pressure cleaning, jetting, and steam cleaning without causing damage to finishes and paint.

Our 5000psi trailer-mount pressure washer will is all you require to have your driveway clean.

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning: Emergency Cleaning Services

You may need your home or office to be cleaned within a short time after a party or when contents have spilled over furniture or carpet. Acting fast and treating stains can have a significant impact on whether they can be removed.

Regardless of your scenario, you can count on us to meet your emergency cleaning requirements to have a clean and organized space. We pride in providing consistent customer service and satisfaction.

Specialist Floor Resurfacing

Vinyl and wood are affordable flooring options but require constant care to help take care of the damage and increase their lifetime. Return shine and luster to your old vinyl and wood floors by hiring TCM Clean today.

We believe in making your flooring material look as good as new at all times.

Ipswich Commercial Cleaning: Carpet Cleaning

Is your carpet emitting an unpleasant smell and turning greasy? This is common if it is not professionally cleaned.

Your carpet will get dirt from spills and particulate matter that fall on it and can become a breeding ground for germs if not cleaned. Our cleaning services also help extend its lifetime, helping you save on money from having to replace it frequently.

Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Stain Removal Services

At TCM Clean, we are fully qualified and possess the latest equipment for removing, cleaning, and protecting the upholstery from stains. We are experts in removing stains on all types of rugs and carpets and understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time.

We are experienced in removing difficult stains like ink, cordial, dye, red wine, coffee, tea, nail polish, blood, tar, makeup, and grease oil among others.

Emergency Flood Services

Every minute counts when your property has been affected by water damage. The structural integrity of your structure is at risk, while the ceiling, personal effects, and carpet can suffer irreparable damage due to water logging.

Bacteria, rot, and mold may begin to grow in a wet environment, while electricity can pose a risk of electrocution. You can count on our fast and reliable services to help reduce the effects of water damage in your home.

We possess state-of-the-art equipment for water extraction, drying, and moisture testing to handle water sewer leak repair.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Resealing

Tile flooring is popular among hospitals, schools, hotels, corporates, and retail premises since tiles are durable and require low maintenance.

However, regular mopping is unable to get rid of grime and dirt that gradually collect on the porous areas of the tile and grout. Your tiles also require resealing due to wear and tear, to help water seeping in.

This is why you need services from TCM Clean. Using the latest technology and equipment in tile and grout cleaning, we will help restore a new-like appearance on your tiles. We specialize on various tile floors including porcelain, travertine, ceramic, and limestone.

Why hire Us?

We are your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning requirements. Whether it is a commercial building, office, residential, factory, medical, or retail center, we have tailor-made cleaning solutions to suit your needs.

We understand how important it is to create a favorable first-time impression among your customers when they knock on your door. Customers want to get services from a clean and well-maintained office.

We possess the required skills and equipment to make your business attract clients from being spotless clean to provide a conducive working environment.

Skilled Manpower

We are committed to ensuring consistency in providing quality service through regular performance monitoring and effective communication between the management and our staff.

We have a detailed and well-maintained reporting program to help ensure instructions are accurately received and implemented. All our employees undergo regular refresher training to help equip them to be accustomed to the latest technology and customer service skills.

Years of Experience

Experience comes with wisdom, and cleaning business is no exception. We have been around for the past 16 years, and you can count on our wealth of experience to give you quality services that meet or exceed your expectations.

When you hire us, we help you clean and advise you on what can be done to help make your business premises or home maintain cleanliness for longer.

We are Available 24/7

Have you returned to your house late at night, only to find that you forgot to turn off the tap or discover a leaking sink? Do not worry since TCM Clean is just a call away. We are on call every hour of the day including on weekends and public holidays.

What is more, we are a flexible company and can schedule our work to help minimize downtime at your workplace when we are on site.

We do not Take Shortcuts

At TCM Clean , we understand that a thorough job requires time to accomplish. We are not after providing a cheap job, and you can rest assured that we will examine your work from each angle.

We understand the importance of delivering exceptional results at true value, which is why we provide free and no-obligation quotes before starting work. We believe in helping you get value for money through the provision of quality work.

Further, one of our directors usually accompanies our staff for supervision.

If you are looking to find excellent cleaning services, call TCM Clean today. We are your go-to specialist service providers in tile and grout cleaning, sealing, grout color sealing, regrouting, stripping, and repairs.

We strive to help you succeed in maximizing production and sales by working in a pollutant-free environment. Whether it is a new or old floor, we have a lasting solution for you.