TCM Clean are a reputable cleaning service provider that offers a variety of home and commercial cleaning services for Brisbane. Our services include Pressure Washing, Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Upholstery services.

Brisbane Commercial Cleaning

Brisbane Commercial Cleaning: TCM Clean are a reputable cleaning service provider that offers a variety of home and commercial cleaning services for Brisbane. We have been in the cleaning business for over 20 years providing different cleaning services, include Pressure Washing, Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, and Upholstery services.

One of the things that make our services stand out is our level of professionalism. We have highly trained cleaning professionals that know how to use the variety of cleaning equipment.

Brisbane Commercial Cleaning: Pressure Washing

At TCM Clean, our expertise is in pressure washing. Pressure washing is known to be one of the most effective cleaning methods that remove stubborn stains, grime, and oil.

Brisbane Commercial CleaningAdditionally, pressure washing is safe to fabrics. Pressure washing can be used for a wide range of cleaning purposes.

Firstly, pressure cleaning is very efficient for after building cleaning. After a building has been completed, a lot of dirt and debris is left behind, and pressure cleaning will make sure that the new house or building is thoroughly cleaned.

Brisbane Commercial Cleaning: 24/7 on-call services

One of the reasons why we have gained many clients over the last years is due to our 24/7 on-call services. We offer cleaning services to commercial buildings, residential high rise, retail centers, restaurants, industries, and hospitals.

We are a one-stop shop for all cleaning services. Our services are based on trust and commitment, and our goals are to provide the highest quality cleaning services. Do you have any question regarding cleaning and no one seem to give you an answer?

Give us that call today and our support time will get answer you immediately. We have a dedicated and knowledge team who understand their work. So, do not be afraid to take that bold step and make a change that you require.

Brisbane Commercial Cleaning Carpet CleaningOur commercial cleaning services are available 24/7. For Brisbane commercial cleaning services, we send our cleaning experts to the location with all the required cleaning solutions and equipment.

We offer flexible and tailor-made cleaning programs whereby we package our services to meet our client’s needs. If you want custom made cleaning services, you should contact us, and we will guide you on the best solutions for you.

To maintain quality and consistency, we have effective communication between the management and the staff members. We make sure that our staff members arrive at your location and leave at the expected time.

Once you hire our services, we give you a reporting program that is well maintained, and you should give us a report at the end of the contract.

Moreover, we hold regular meetings with our experienced staff to discuss how we can improve our services to you. To make sure you get quality services, we support our staff members with ongoing training programs where they learn modern cleaning methods and how to act professionally.

One of the advantages of hiring ACME Cleaning for your cleaning services is that you deal directly with the owner of the cleaning business. Therefore, you will be able to address all your needs and expectations. Before we start the services, we listen to your demands and steer to achieve them in the best possible way.

Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Stain Removal Services

Carpet and rug cleaning if not done well can cost you. At TCM Clean, we offer all carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services.

We do specialize in stain removal whereby we make sure that all stains are removed and your upholstery, carpets, and rugs are protected. The stains we deal with include dye, cordial, ink, pet stains, blood, grease oil, and nail polish among others.

If you have any stubborn stains on your upholstery, rugs, and carpets, do not hesitate, but contact us immediately and we will organize a time to help you get rid of these stains.

Stubborn stains can never be handled with people who are expert, in fact, if you try unqualified services, you might end up messing up you rugs. However, we provide quality stain removal services that will leave you carpets and rugs sparkling clean and fresh.

Other Brisbane Commercial Cleaning Services Provided by TCM Clean

At TCM Cleaning we specialize in several cleaning services. They include leather cleaning and protection. In this, we make sure that we use solutions and equipment that will not destroy the fabric but make them last longer.

Additionally, we offer tile and grout cleaning, vertical blind, mattress cleaning, pest control, odor removal, and water damage carpet restoration services.

Odor are never easy to remove. It requires specialized skill and the right cleaning detergents. If carefully not handled, it might last long.

Therefore, at TCM Cleaning, we deliver just as you want us to. We never compromise on our services. We also provide a Kenmore cleaning service.

If you need tile sealing, tile stripping, and grout color sealing, make sure you contact us for all manner of tile repairs. We will give you advice on whether you need a brand new floor or you will need to repair your old floor.

For floor and tile services, we deal with a range of surfaces, and they include the kitchens, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, bars, offices, and restaurants.

Value for your Money

At TCM Cleaning, we strive to offer you a thorough cleaning process. Our cleaning services take time to make sure all dirt, stains, and grime are removed.

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality services at affordable prices. Our cleaning services are unmatched. Contact us today and enjoy our services.