At TCM cleaning services, we understand the importance of you staying in a clean environment.  A clean environment ensures that you enjoy extreme comfort and hygienic standards. Our staff is adequately trained to ensure that you get the value for your money. That's why we provide a Pressure Washing service in your area of Springfield.

Commercial Cleaning Springfield

Commercial Cleaning Springfield: At TCM cleaning services, we understand the importance of you staying in a clean environment.  A clean environment ensures that you enjoy extreme comfort and hygienic standards. Our staff is adequately trained to ensure that you get the value for your money.

That’s why we provide a Pressure Washing service in your area of Springfield.

Commercial Cleaning SpringfieldWe provide a vast range of cleaning services for your home, office and all other business premises. We care about our clients hence our prizes are always customer friendly.

Commercial Cleaning Springfield: Pressure Cleaning Services

Our experts have specialized in the use of pressure washing machines. We use pressure washers to clean most surfaces as it is more convenient compared to the power washer machines.

Surfaces that we clean using the pressure washer include your home interiors, kitchen interiors, office surfaces and equipment, and carpets too.

We also do provide outdoor pressure cleaning services for the sidewalks, trucks, verandahs, and walls among other surfaces.

To ensure that you receive none but the best quality of services, we have invested a great deal in the pressure washing machines. One of our best machine models is the Trailer Mount Pressure Washer 5000psi which cleans large surfaces in the minimum time possible.

Irrespective of the machine’s size and speed, it does not make much noise. You can work from your study as we clean the other rooms.

Our pressure washing machines are created to handle all types of notorious stains. Our cleaners are also very professional as aforementioned. They use the pressure washers in the most effective way hence minimizing cases of damages to your appliance and other surfaces.

Call us to avoid the possible instances of injury and damages caused by improper use of pressure washing machines.

Commercial Cleaning Springfield: Additional services

We have built a 16 year legacy of providing executive additional cleaning services. Here below are some additional services you will receive at TCM Cleaning services.

Floor Maintenance

After some time, our floor patterns be it tiles, or wooden floors tend to start wearing out. TCM Cleaning provide the best grout color sealing and minor tile repairs.

Our technicians are specially equipped to provide you with all the solutions you may need for old and new school floors.

We specialize in sealing and resealing domestic and commercial floors for example kitchens, swimming pools, offices, bars and any other tiled surface you may request. We charge half the price charged by other service providers in the cleaning business industry.

Upholstery services

We do pressure wash cleaning and vacuum cleaning of the surfaces. Our specialists are also equipped to repair the worn out chair, mattress, and carpets. When we are done, you will be looking at an all brand new surface.

We upholster vehicle seats and covers as well as seats and carpets in the offices made of fabric or leather. We also specialize in carpet cleaning.

Emergency Last Minute Cleanup

Are you organizing an impromptu office or private party? Are you behind schedule with the cleanup of the scene and decorations? Are you expecting impromptu guests after you had one hell of a party overnight?

TCM Cleaning is your trusted and caring partner ready to get hands dirty for your sake. We dispatch several cleaners who toil in minutes to clean up your place. This restores your dignity and confidence around your guests.

After Building Commercial Cleaning Springfield

Most builders don’t clean up all the surfaces when they are done building your house. This will require you to incur additional expenses for the removal of debris, dust, and rubbish from all the surfaces of the building. Our engineers have specialized in after building cleaning.

We ensure the windows, doors are all clean. Grout lines are straightened, and floors receive a professional polish giving your entire house a quality finish.

Office Commercial Cleaning Springfield

The interiors of the office should be sparkling clean at all times to create the most conducive environment for your workers and clients too. Our cleaners are ready for hire to give your entire office one good clean sweep.

We clean every inch of the office floor from top to bottom. We also clean all the office equipment in your office. We are available for one time of office cleaning. We also have office cleaning contracts running annual calendars.

Emergency Water Damage Cleaning

In case you experience an emergency of house floods, do not hesitate to give TCM Cleaning services a call to help fix your house up. Our team of specialists will get your estimated damages and the budget of fixing the damages.

In a few hours, we shall have completed ridding your house of the flooded water and the rooms dried up using the special machines.

Why Choose TCM Cleaning in Springfield?

We have stayed in the cleaning business long enough. We have recorded 16 years of excellence in the provision of premium cleaning services.

Our engineers are professionally trained during recruitment. Further training is offered when the professionals are working in the field.

This is why we receive minimal complaints from our clients regarding the quality of our services.

Our cleaning programs are tailor-made and flexible. This helps us to dominate the cleaning business industry by allowing us to serve customers from all spheres of the economy.

Anytime you need the above mentioned services, feel free to contact our customer service desk. Our customer support is online 24/7.

The cleaning team is also on standby ready to be dispatched around the clock. We arrive in the shortest time possible to clean up your premises.

You are assured of the value for your money. Our technicians are trained to deliver the best quality of services possible. A thorough cleaning needs some additional time to reach all corners. Despite the time taken, you are assured of receiving actual value for your money to repay your patience.

We keep a detailed record of the progress made by our cleaners. We monitor performance regularly. We have a comprehensive reporting program which allows you to give feedback for the quality of services that you receive.

We have regular discounts and promotions where our clients receive the best prices in the cleaning business.

TCM Cleaning is your best option when it comes to your cleaning needs. We have specialized in cleaning retail centers, restaurants, all medical centers, and domestic premises.

Since our inception 16 years ago, we have specialized in providing the highest quality services in the market.

We also provide Pressure Washing for Ipswich and Forest Lake.