TCM Clean now offer a Commercial Cleaning service for your area of Ripley. We pride ourselves in giving you the satisfaction you deserve. We are very prompt and specific to attention to detail and always provide a report on our activities.

Commercial Cleaning Ripley

TCM Clean now offer a Commercial Cleaning service for your area of Ripley. We pride ourselves in giving you the satisfaction you deserve. We are very prompt and specific to attention to detail and always provide a report on our activities.

Today, many cleaning services have come up, but most of them do not offer what they advertise. It is important that you find a cleaning service provider that meets all your cleaning needs under one roof. At TCM Clean we are proud to be rated as one of the best cleaning business in the market.

Ripley QLD 4306We offer all cleaning and maintenance services under one roof. Our services are based on trust and commitment. Throughout the years, we have offered our clients the highest quality services.

Pressure Washing Ripley

At TCM Clean, we are known to offer thorough cleaning through our pressure washing services. We use a 5000 PSI trailer mount pressure washer that is one of the latest technologies in pressure washing. The machine can clean several surfaces and fabrics.

With pressure washing, we offer after building cleaning, emergency last minute cleaning, and office cleaning. Surfaces such as car parks, driveways, pathways, and concrete need high-pressure washing to remove grime and stains that have accumulated for a long time.

Our pressure washing equipment can also be used to clean wood walls, building and homes among others. Pressure washing is safe and convenient.

Carpet Cleaning Ripley

For carpet cleaning, we use pressure washing to reach the dirt located deep in the fabrics without damaging the carpet. Cleaning the carpets using pressure washing is fast, effective and convenient. In carpet cleaning, we offer water damage carpet restoration services.

In this, we use pressure washing to remove molds that have build up after water damage and make sure that your floor is dry and free from moisture before we return the carpet. If you experience water damage, contact us, and we will help to dry your floor and clean your carpet.

Tile Grout and Floor Cleaning Ripley

We are specialists in tile and grout cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Firstly, we clean your tile and grout and make sure that your floor looks as new. We use effective cleaning solutions and detergents to make sure that your tiles and grout are free from dirt and back to their original color.

For floor repairs and maintenance, we strip and seal floors. We have experts that deal with floor resurfacing for several floors such as concrete, wood floors, and vinyl floors among others. We also advise you on whether your floor will need sealing or resurfacing and whether you need professional services or you can do it yourself.

With the 16 years that we have been in the industry, we have perfected our cleaning services. You will not only get the best results but enjoy these services at half the price.

24/7 On-Call Services

Our 24 on-call services range from commercial buildings, retail centers, factories, restaurants, hotels, and medical centers. To get our services, all you need is to call us with the cleaning you want, and we will arrange on how soon you can get the cleaning services.

Our staff members are professional cleaners, and they will answer to all your home and office cleaning needs. Regardless of the area of your business sector, you can rest assured that our team of professional cleaners will thoroughly cover every nook and cranny of your entire location.

Additionally, we are a one-stop shop for all your cleaning services. Based on our commitment, we deliver high quality services.

Commercial Cleaning for Ripley Businesses

Over the years, we have offered commercial cleaning services to several business sectors. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment needed for commercial cleaning. We make sure that we use high-quality products that are safe to everyone and the environment.

For commercial cleaning, we offer our clients flexible and tailor-made cleaning packages. To get the tailor made packages, you should contact us with your details, and we will provide exactly what you need for your cleaning needs.

After Building Cleaning Ripley

To offer you the best cleaning services, we make sure that we offer our staff with the best working environment. We have effective communications and meetings with our staff to discuss the problems they encounter out there and how we can improve their services.

We monitor the performance of our staff members so that we can identify the most hardworking and diligent staff and send them to your businesses for cleaning.

Our cleaning business has a reporting program for staff to indicate the arrival time at your business and the time they leave. To ensure that our staff remain consistent with their services and be updated with the latest cleaning trends we have ongoing training programs.

Before we hire them, we check their education and training background for effectiveness.

We also provide an Ipswich Commercial Cleaning service.

Stain Removal Ripley

At TCM Clean, we offer stain removal services. If your carpets, rugs, and upholstery have stains, do not worry as we will clean the stains away. We regularly remove difficult stains like pet stains, dye, ink, tar, grease, paint, makeup, and red wine.

In addition, our technicians are trained and are fully qualified in all aspects of rug, upholstery and stain removal. At TCM Clean, we also specialize on floor resurfacing. If your floor isn’t looking great, we can give it that sparkling look that it deserves.

Value for Money

At TCM Clean, we make sure you get value for money by providing you with great results at a true value price. We also offer advice on cleaning and sealing your floors. Besides, our cleaning service takes time. We never cut corners in order to give you a cheap service. Just trust us on this and we will deliver to your expectations.

Our tile and grout cleaning and restoration services are offered on different surfaces. They include offices, swimming pools, kitchens, pool pavers, cafes, bars, showers, and bathrooms.

Are you having difficult stains like dye, ink, cordial or pet stains on your rug and you are worried that you might not get rid of them? Now is the time, call us today and we will help you clear the stubborn stains within no minute.